Mission: Making a difference everywhere we go.

Photo of Pat DenorchPat’s diverse background includes working with organizations such as Microsoft, Xerox, Seafirst Bank and Landmark Education Corporation. She is a result driven professional with more than fifteen years management and coaching experience. Pat has over nine years experience in delivering transformational programs and has authored several seminars on team building, successful sales, volunteering and leadership mastery as well as training in facilitating and presentation. Her experience includes a demonstrated ability in developing effective communication and facilitating agreement between diverse groups with opposing viewpoints.

Pat has a successful track record developing and implementing programs, policies, procedures and evaluation. As a small business owner, consultant and corporate career woman she has a strong and diverse portfolio of leadership and management skills and abilities. Pat is known as a strong and powerful advocate, recognized for her ability to effect change and mobilize an organization or a community into action to produce results. She has launched several successful philanthropic projects such as the award winning Small Hands ~ Big Hearts a non-profit designed to provide support to young children for the express purpose to learn and experience making a difference in their communities. Many of the people she has worked with have created projects that have achieved local and national attention, including World Peace Day, January 1, 2002. Pat has achieved many awards throughout her career and is a highly sought after executive coach, facilitator and speaker.


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