• Working with Pat DeNorch at Designing Futures has enabled me to change my perspective on business, sales and relationships. Coaching isn’t an easy process, but I have learned a great deal and I have gained the understanding that has helped me blow out my quota by 60%. – TB, Poorman Douglas Corporation
  • I have participated in over a hundred of these types of trainings, this is the best one I’ve been in. Amazing! – MS
  • I’ve learned more about myself in a few short hours than ever before and the best part is, I can use what I’ve learned immediately and I don’t think it will ever leave me! – SB, Operations, Wild Ginger
  • My team has gone from last in the country at 89% to third in just two and half months, achieving 119% of revenue target! – RG, Microsoft
  • When I began coaching with Pat DeNorch I was ready to leave my job due to frustration and poor performance. At the end of three months of coaching I was at 200% of my year end quota! – J, Microsoft
  • While coaching with Pat DeNorch I have been promoted three times in three years and placed on the fast track. – MF, Sales Manager
  • I really dislike trainings at off-sites … they have been a waste of time and money. The two days my team and customers were with Future By Design was the single most valuable training I’ve been involved in. My customers were astonished at what they discovered about themselves and their relationship to me. We are making our quota this year and next year looks even better. – SL, Microsoft
  • I call Pat DeNorch my “secret weapon”. I wouldn’t think of preparing anything important without her. – JW, General Manager
  • Pat’s coaching has helped me take my salesmanship to the next level which resulted in 110% quota attainment in a very difficult economic year. – SH
  • Pat has helped me grow and refine my inner leadership skills which provided me a competitive edge with my peer group. – SH
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