Future By Design uses a unique method for training: inquiry. For adults it is one of the most effective methods for long lasting results. Inquiry is engaging in conversations where the goal is not to come to a conclusion, but rather to engage with the question itself. The outcome of an inquiry is unpredictable and results in new thinking outside ones pre-existing framework.

Executive coaching is a rapidly growing field and many executives in varying types of companies and environments see the value in having someone to hold them to their word and be accountable to another in a way that is non-threatening yet provokes a desire to be the very best. During coaching you will get to your core issue which stops you from being the most successful you, you can be. You will determine what your Strategy For Success is; how like a well tuned machine you are successful and see how it becomes your Formula For Failure. You will breakthrough your self-imposed constraints and learn what you don’t know about yourself. Also available – relationship coaching.

Team building can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging initiatives a manager or team member can confront. Through thought provoking exercises and inquiries, teams members learn about each another, develop trust and increase their communication skills resulting in higher productivity, greater employee satisfaction and improved customer satisfaction resulting in increased revenue.

Off-sites are more productive when facilitated by someone outside the organization. This allows for management to be a team player resulting in greater affinity for the individuals on the team. A one, two or three day event produces closure on what didn’t work and using what didn’t work to build a positive and powerful future for each team member. Design of this event is created in partnership with management and Future By Design.

Empowering Leadership Program is a year long highly successful program originally designed and implemented for a sales district at Microsoft. ELP is geared to building and adding to a corporate leadership gene pool. Participants in this program report a minimum of 20% increase in productivity, greater job satisfaction, a feeling of being valued, increased revenue and improved work life balance.

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